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Alchemy is the combining of seemingly disparate
items of duality to create a new pathway, outcome, or object.  
I blend trauma-healing neuroscience,
social justice, and art therapy
with open, creative and embodied conversation to
help my clients facilitate healing. 


Make Stuff

Use your creative skills to support your emotional and mental health. 

We can use the art making process to learn more about ourselves, promote healing, freedom, and ease. Neuro-informed art therapy is often an excellent guide. 

Emily is accepting a few new clients and two supervisees. Book a session here

About Emily


I take an approachable, compassionate,  non-judgmental, and collaborative approach through an alchemical art therapy process to unearth gifting, core values, and inner strengths.

Pride Parade Overhead

Who I work with

As a trauma certified therapist, I work with adult individuals who are interested in using their creativity to heal and find new ways to process their experiences and move through life. 




What I can offer to community

Emily works with adults in individual therapy, art therapy and clinical supervision, group supervision, consultation, advocacy, and small workshop formats on telehealth and in studio.


Art Jounal Gallery

Art Journal Technique Examples 
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