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How I work

There are many concepts I draw from and work with in my practice to create a process that is tailored to individual healing needs.

Each person is unique, and I believe individuals have their own intrinsic knowledge of what is helpful and healing to them. I use a neuo-developmental, competency based and relationally oriented model with a queer, intersectional feminist, multicultural lens.


I take an Adlerian approach of walking alongside my clients as a guide in their personal process. To me, this means I blend a positive, person-centered and strengths-based approach in my style. I pair this with social justice work, cultural aspects, art, creative conversation, and blend in kind and thoughtful care and humor with my clients and students. 

Art is used to support strengths and build resilliance. Personal artmaking intrinsically respects individuals’ cultural and self-expressive preferences, all the while creating meaning-making and new narratives post-trauma.

Below are a list of ideas and concepts that often come up in my work with clients and in art making. 

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