Wayfinding Financials

As part of my activism, I offer a discounted rate for telehealth is based on a conversation/questionnaire using a community health model.

I recommend a "Full" or "Redistribution" level of investment for people with medium to high access to resources in the global context. What I mean by this can be answered in the questionnaire below crafted from the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA). 

I do have a limited number of sliding-scale or "Discounted, Basic, or Solidarity" spots. This is a firm commitment to weekly or bi-monthly (every other week) sessions and will change when you have a financial change. 

No-show sessions or last-minute cancels are always $50 to be respectful of our mutual time. If I have to cancel from an unforeseen circumstance, I will find a time that works for us both asap. 

How to find your "number". 

Sources / Acknowledgement: 

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) determiners of socioeconomic status (SES) 

Questions sourced from the good work of the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA). @aaortacoop


Please take this short questionnaire to help determine your rate with therapy,  you can write your tally on a sheet of paper or in your phone:

  1. Are you and/or your family homeowners or landowners?

  2. Have you attended private education institutions or do you have an advanced degree?

  3. Are your bills or credit cards on autopay?

  4. Have you not had difficulty accessing and affording healthcare or health insurance for you or your family members?

  5. Aside from student loans, do you have zero to no debt and/or do you have disposable income (i.e. income remaining after deduction of taxes and other mandatory payments, available to be spent or saved as one wishes.)

  6. Do you have a safety net composed of “financially stable” or wealthy family and friends? Could you call someone if you couldn't make rent/mortgage? 

  7. Do you have U.S. Citizenship?

  8. Does your income only support you, and not other loved ones in need?

  9. Have you or do you expect to inherit money or property?

  10. Have you (or could you) have attended college and/or graduate school?  


# of No___


# of Yes___

Determine Individual Sliding Scale / Community Share

Individual Sliding Scale Rates based on your answers to the questions.


  • If you answered all yes = Redistribution* $165/hour


  • If you answered more yes than no = Full Cost $150/hour


  • If you answered half no, half yes = Discounted Cost $125/ hour


  • If you answered more no than yes = Cover Basic costs $75/hour


  • If you answered all no = Solidarity, supported by your community and Emily at $35/hour 

*I recommend the Full or Redistribution level of investment for people with medium to high access to resources in the global context.

Need more detail? Determining Your Formal National % Level

The Federal Poverty Level (FPL) is set by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) according to this National chart.


NOTE: This way does not take into account the above questions (i.e. generational, race, sexual orientation, etc). 

See Patient Financial Assistance Sliding Scale Guidelines Chart - 2021 (2022 is not released yet) 


  1. Using the chart below, find your family # in “Size of family unit” in your "household", 

  2. Then, along that line, find your "household income" before taxes (not Adjusted Gross Income, include spouse/partner or parent income) on the larger white part of the chart, (Ignore the “Federal Poverty Level Income" number) 

  3. Then look at what yellow column you are in, to find your % “Financial Assistance”.


If your Federal “Approved % financial assistance” is at: 

100% - 90% = Solidarity, supported by your community and Emily at $35/hour

80% - 70% = Cover Basic costs $75/hour

60% - 50% = Discount $125/hour

40% - 25% =  Full Cost* $150/hour

20% - 0% = Redistribution* to community $165/hour

*A full standard rate payment allows another member of your community to benefit from discounted art therapy with me.

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