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Creative therapy 
for creative people.

Whe do you
want to bgin?

Here you will find information about who I work with, the financial investment/ cost, and how to get connected with me.

Art making

You can choose to make art during our session or in between sessions, or not at all! It's a choose-your-own-adventure... with an experienced guide.


In sessions we often talk, teach, and tell story (i.e. personal history) to have an understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world.


Sessions are currently offered on video or on the phone via telehealth. Special studio sessions will be available in the near future.


Financial Investment in mental health and healing is "outside of network"with me. Many use a HSA or out-of-network benefits to pay for sessions.

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Who do you work with?

I generally work with adult individuals who are interested in learning more about themselves and want to find creativity while working to have more internal freedom and ease as they heal from trauma.


I specialize in inter/intrapersonal conflict, life changes/transitions, depression/anxiety, ADHD, creative blocks and re-discovering creativity, abusive/neglectful/narc relationships, coming out, gender awareness/support, cultivating anti-oppression mindset, and reconnection with Irish ancestral history.


I have certifications to work with individuals with a history of trauma, addiction, abuse, and/or dissociation.


I also specialize in working with the LGBTQIAA+, ENM/Poly-, helper/healer, sober, pagan/witch, subculture, and artist/creative communities. 

Emily is currently offering telehealth, with some sessions in studio as available.

Get in touch

Use the button below to get started with a phone consultation - I'd love to meet you! 

Consults are 15 minutes, done by phone, and free of cost to you. 


By requesting a consult call you understand: 

1. I don't work with insurance companies and I am private pay and 2. we will not be discussing therapeutic issues on the call. 


2. At this time I can also offer referrals from people I know locally if we feel you need a different style, training/specialty or personal fit.

3. This call is a chance for you to ask any questions you might have and for us to get to know each other and go over business stuff (i.e. appointments and financial investment.)

Use the contact form below, after you will be emailed with options for a consult call in the next week. 

Looking forward to connecting!

Links below for answers to common questions: 


Art Therapy Alchemy is not in network with insurance companies.* 

Payment is due at the time of your appointment for in person or that evening with telehealth.  


My billing system accepts most HSA/FSA cards and debt/credit card. Cash, check, and cards work in person.  

I do offer a sliding scale. Click here to learn more. 

*Some insurance plans allow you to submit receipts/statements for out-of-network reimbursement of costs that you have paid out of pocket.

Contact Emily
You will receive a response in early January 2024, as I am out of the office in Dec.

Success! Thanks for emailing me. I'm normally in touch within 48 hours barring a planned office break or weekends. Note I am on sabbatical December 2023. 

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