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Financial Investment in Therapy   

I choose to work outside of the private insurance model and I do not accept private insurance as a form of payment. 


Why? This is for many reasons, but specifically I believe health insurance negatively impacts the services I can offer, and I've become uncomfortable with their compliance requests -- especially in regards to confidentiality for clients and being asked to prove "medical necessity" for much needed therapeutic care and healing that we all deserve. 


Being a private pay client is the only way to ensure complete privacy and care without a DSM-5 diagnosis. A reality of using insurance is that therapy sessions become a part of your medical record.


I therefore take a community financing approach to therapy, working outside of the insurance model.


I deeply appreciate my clients who have educated themselves about the system, its benefits and drawbacks, who it serves. Many have found a new alliance around financial investments and their practitioners. I am happy to talk about this further if you have any questions about this topic. 


My Standard Rates*
  • 150$* for 55 minute session - currently telehealth

  • 200$ for all intake (first) sessions, incl. sliding scale* clients

  • 165$ for an in-person studio session  

  • 250$ for a formal Diagnostic Assessment (as requested by you)

  • 50$ for 60 minute group art therapy 

  • $90 for Board-certified art-therapy supervision (ATR & ATR-P)

  • 50$ firm cancellation fee within 24 hours of session barring emergency. 

*A full standard rate payment allows another member of your community to benefit from discounted art therapy with me.


Sliding Scale/Community Share:

I recommend a full $150 level of investment for people with medium to high access to resources in the global context. What do I mean by this? 

My discounted rate for telehealth is based on a conversation using a community health model, and I am happy to talk about this in our initial consult call if you need to invest less than the standard amount.

I have a limited number of these spots. This is a commitment to weekly or bi-monthly (every other week) sessions. Drop-in sessions are $150.  

The introductory phone call with me is free of charge.


You are welcome to use Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and FSA cards.  

Painting Equipments


Step 1: Determine if you want to try and use the insurance you pay for (Info below). 

Step 2: Verify your benefits. Call your insurance company, find out if/or what "out-of-network" coverage you have purchased. It usually is a % and a number of sessions a year, with a "allowed amount". 


What do I do with this info? Some clients have used an article on this site ZenCare to learn now to help them get paid back from their insurance company. ATA isn't affiliated. 

Step 3: If you think you might qualify for sliding scale, find your rate with Emily here. Otherwise it is 150$. 

Step 4: Talk to Emily to confirm your financial investment, and let her know about if you'll be wanting a Superbill, (and if so, schedule an intake with her). 

Step 5: Set up a session with Emily via email, and check your email for a welcome note from TherapyPortal to fill out your paperwork. 

Step 6: Gather art supplies and get ready to meet on Zoom for your first session. 

Ongoing: Request a Superbill from Emily (usually monthly, quarterly, or annually) via email and submit to your insurance company. 


Insurance & Superbills

All about insurance, out-of-network benefits and superbills.

Payment is billed the day of your session to your card on file.

No-show or late cancellations (within 24 hours) are charged same-day ($50).  

My payment system will accept credit and debit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA)
or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.

Out-of-Network Benefits - How it works

Some individuals choose to use their receipt to claim "out-of-network benefits" with their private insurance companies. Some clients have used an article on this site ZenCare to learn now to help them get paid back from their insurance company. ATA isn't affiliated. 


Check directly with your insurance company to see if you are eligible. Some insurance plans allow you to submit receipts/statements for "out-of-network reimbursement" of costs that you have paid out-of-pocket. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn about your plan, and if they participate in this particular type of direct reimbursement. 

If you believe your insurance company will cover my services, you are welcome to request from me a "superbill" quarterly, bi-annually or annually for potential reimbursement from your insurer.


Insurance companies require a diagnostic code and for the client or patient to have a formal psychological diagnosis. If you are wanting a diagnosis code, plan on a diagnostic session annually with me, which is $200 for all clients. 

You are responsible for all communication and interaction with your insurer.  I do not have any contact with your insurance company.

Art Supplies
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